Books That Surprised Me

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a little list of books that I read that really surprised me. This could be a GOOD surprise or a BAD surprise. So let’s just keep our introduction short and get right to it!

(1) Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die #1) – Danielle Paige

Dorothy Must Die (Dorothy Must Die, #1)

This first one was a really, really bad surprise. I was surprised on how much I didn’t enjoy it. If you guys know me you know that I do not like this book what so ever, but when I bought it I honestly really thought that I would. The characters were dreadful, the story was horrible, and the plot twist was literally listed on the back cover… yeah, not a very good surprise.

(2) Caraval series – Stephanie Garber

Image result for caraval series

Again, if you’re new here, another fun fact about me is I don’t really read fantasy too much. When I read Caraval, I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t one of my favorite’s right off the bat. When I read Legendary though, the second book, I fell in love. It is now one of my favorite series, I just finished Finale and I’m actually mourning the ending of the series. Characters are amazing, the magic system is easy to follow along and some of the settings in this book are just truly beautiful. Also, writing is excellent. 100% a good surprise.

(3) Undead Girl Gang – Lily Anderson

Image result for undead girl gang

Another one to surprise me in a good way was this book. The only reason is because honestly I don’t really care for zombies. I never have, never really will. But… this book is fantastic. I wouldn’t even really say our characters are zombies. Anderson has beautiful writing skills and I can’t wait to see the work she does in the future.

What are some books that really surprised you?

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8 thoughts on “Books That Surprised Me”

  1. I only read Caraval, but I also really enjoyed that book! I really have to read Legendary, because I’m really excited to know how the story unfolds, but also because a lot of people said it’s way better than the first book and that Finale would be the best!

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  2. Oh, this is such a fun post; I love this idea! I agree with Dorothy Must Die. It was kind of meh for me, but I still read the second book haha. I honestly don’t have any feelings toward it at all.

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