Book Review: Teen Titans: Raven by Kami Garcia

Hi everyone! I finally got around to reading this graphic novel! I have been hearing about it for a very long time and I am so glad I got to buy this for myself. My library doesn’t really do well in keeping up with their Graphic Novel section and buying newer releases for Graphic Novels, so I figured I would just pick this one up myself and I actually really enjoyed it! Let’s get onto the review!

Teen Titans: Raven

Title: Teen Titans: Raven

Author: Kami Garcia, Gabriel Picolo (Illustrator)

Pages: 192

Format: paperback

Genre: YA Graphic Novel, Comics, Superheroes

Publication Date: July 2, 2019

When a tragic accident takes the life of 17-year-old Raven Roth’s foster mom—and Raven’s memory—she moves to New Orleans to recover and finish her senior year of high school.

Starting over isn’t easy. Raven remembers everyday stuff like how to solve math equations and make pasta, but she can’t remember her favorite song or who she was before the accident. And when impossible things start happening, Raven begins to think it might even be better not to know who she was before.

But as she grows closer to her new friends, her foster sister, Max, and Tommy Torres, a guy who accepts her for who she is now, Raven has to decide if she’s ready to face what’s buried in the past… and the darkness building inside her.

  • Raven – As a Marvel fan, I don’t really pay attention to DC that much, but I do LOVE the Teen Titans, and I especially love Raven. Once I saw this book was going to be a graphic novel all about Raven, I was excited. I thought Kami captured Raven beautifully and really helped me appreciate her more.
  • New Orleans setting – I don’t read many books that are set in New Orleans, so to read this book and see that, ugh! I was in love. They incorporated so much of New Orleans culture and it was just a nice refresh to what I have been reading recently.
  • Max – I liked Max! She had a little bit of mystery too her that I really enjoyed.
  • Artwork – I thought the artwork was beautiful. It wasn’t the typical art you see in superhero comics, and that made me pretty happy.
  • The writing – The writing was so good I want to mark on my calendars that Teen Titans: Beast Boy is going to be coming out next summer!
  • Rushed – The books felt a little rushed, like explaining of he super powers, the ending was rushed. It definitely could have been a little bit longer of a book.
  • The ending – The ending was nothing spectacular in my eyes. Was kind of hoping for a little bit more of a confrontation between her and Tommy buttttt oh well!


I’m giving Teen Titans: Raven a 4 out of 5 spiderwebs

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