Ranking Disney Movies

Hello everyone and Happy Friday! Today I just wanted to do a quick post and rank all of the Disney movies as well as Pixar movies. Just a fun small post for a Friday, and nothing COVID-19 related because I think we all really need a break from it all. I was able to make these charts using tiermaker.com where they have a lot of topics you can basically rank and tier. You can make book tiers, music, movies, video games and a lot more. Definitely check out that website because I’ve seen it circling around booktube and now the bookblogging community, so yeah. Let’s just get right into my rankings! 🙂

Well here it is! All of my Disney movies ranked. Basically, Tier 1 is kind of the lower level movies/movie I just haven’t enjoyed. Tier 2 movies are ehh. Tier 3 is ok movies that could be better. tier 4 is good movies but doesn’t reach Tier 5 status which is like the holy grail. Now not all Disney movies are listed here, but these are the pretty big ones. Of course Lilo & Stitch and Toy Story made it to Tier 5 because they are the best movies Disney has probably ever created.

Now, we are going to go ahead and rank just the Disney Pixar movies since a lot were missing from the original Disney movies list. The tier’s work the same way as above.

This chart was definitely easier to make. There are certain Pixar movies I love and certain ones I just do not care for. As you can tell most of the sequels to movies get lower ratings than their previous movies (other than the incredibles because that second movie was absolutely incredible), but yeah.

How would you guys go about ranking some of your favorite Disney movies? Do you agree with my tiermaker or would you change some things around? Let me know!

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