January TBR

Happy Saturday everyone! I didn’t know if it would be a little too late to say my monthly TBR this month, but its better than never. So here are some of the books I want to read this chilly month of January.

Legendary – Stephanie Garber

This is one I have been super excited for to read this year. I bought it last year in like October, waited as long as I could, hoping to make it until April to read it to be prepared for Finale in May, but I realized I need to read this book right. now.

In the first book we follow a woman named Scarlett, who goes to an isle to play a game created by the ‘master Legend’. In the first book her sister Tella is kidnapped by the master Legend and the winner of the game must find Tella in order to officially have won. In Legendary we just folloe Tella’s story in the midst of a new game.

I’m super excited for this one, and I’ve already started it and I definitely plan on finishing it sometime this weekend.

Dry – Neal & Jarrod Shusterman

I recieved this book for Christmas and this is another one that I have just been dying to read, it looks so good! If you didn’t know Neal Shusterman is also the author of the really Popular Scythe, which I also plan on reading this year at some point.

Dry is about a drought occuring in California, until it finally reaches the point to where there is no water at all. We follow a girl named Alyssa who’s once lovely quiet neighborhood turns into a warzone of neighbors fighting for water. When her parents dont return on night on the search for water, Alyssa must make a choice for her and her brothers lives in order for them to survive.

I mean, come on. This sounds so intriguing and I am so excited.

Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

I have been putting off this read for a long time, and I think with the new year, means I finally pick it up. This would be my first Tahereh Mafi read (I know guys, it’s unreal), and honestly I don’t know all that much. All I know is that its about a woman that cant touch anyone, because her touch is fatal. I want to be surprised going into this so, I think thats all I need to know.

The Sun Is Also A Star – Nicola Yoon

Last but not least, The Sun Is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon. I also received this book for Christmas and I have only been waiting to read it due to me wanting the collector’s edition. I love her writing style, I love the feeling her writing gives me, so I knew I wanted the signed special edition with purple edges.

This book is about a girl named Natasha and a boy named Daniel and basically it’s a romantic YA contemporary. Don’t know much else, all I know is it’s kind of insta-lovey, which is a trope I dont really care for but, we will see how it goes.

What is everyone reading this month of January?

2019 Reading Goals!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had an amazing New Years. With every January 1st, comes our new year resolutions. I have separate resolutions from just books like simply just making my bed everyday, being more positive in life etc. But this year especially, I have a few more reading goals than I did last year. So let’s start the list!

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge

So in 2018 I was able to surpass my goal of 20 books read, reading 27 for the year (I started my goodreads in May so I’m definitely missing some books). This year I set my goal for 40! This is a little more of a challenge for me than last years challenge, but I think I can do it. Last year I set my goal so low because I was reading full, 400 page books, but towards the end of the year I got back into mangas/graphic novels, which I’m still on a bit of a kick to read them so that’s why I feel like I can definitely make 40 books work for the year.

2. Reading 50 pages per day/ 1 hour of audiobook

This is something different I’ve never done, but I’m excited to try. I found myself reading on some days a full 300 pages and then for a week after not reading at all, so I really wanted to make this resolution so I can learn to pace myself and not get burned out from reading. If I reach 50 pages or that hour mark, I can either stop or keep going if I’d like, but I can still feel accomplished if I at least read those 50 pages. In my reading journal I will be marking all the days I accomplish this on the monthly calendar view with a simple check mark.

3. Read the Harry Potter Series

Guys, I know. I’ve never read the Harry Potter series, but this year that will change. I don’t plan on accomplishing this right away, maybe towards summer/fall time, but it will get done this year!

4. Stay on top of Library book due dates

I just recently started using my local library to help read books because, my bank account from buying books was suffering! One issue I’ve always had though, was late fees. So I plan on getting better with this this upcoming year.

5. Reading Journal Upkeep

So this isn’t really a resolution, because I’ve been doing this since last year July, but I really want to include it because I don’t want to give up on it! Annotating in my books for me is a big no no, so I use a notebook/journal to keep track of all my notes from my reading. I love it! It’s so nice and organized and I really want to keep up with it!

What are some of your New Years resolutions? Any book related ones?