The Disney Book Tag | Blogmas 2019

Hi everyone! In celebration of being a few weeks away from heading to Disney World, I am going to be doing this tag for you guys that was originally created by Kat from Katytastic on Youtube!

Anyone of my friends, family members, acquaintances could tell you that I am a HUGE Disney fanatic. It’s in my bio on both twitter and instagram, and honestly, I feel like I don’t really spread the magic of Disney here on my blog too much. I saw this tag and just KNEW, I had to do it. Let’s dive right into it shall we?

The Little Mermaid – A Character Who Feels Like A Fish Out of Water

Eliza and Her Monsters

For this, I would have to say Eliza from Eliza and Her Monsters. Eliza definitely doesn’t feel like she fits in all of the time and wants to join her own little world, the world away from the real world… the one that she created online. This book was a 5/5 for me, and Eliza is an amazing character.

Cinderella – A Character That Goes Through A Major Transformation

Image result for nova from renegades fanart

I would definitely pick Nova from the Renegades series for this. In this case, Nova starts off as a villain, or as it’s called in the book, an Anarchist. To be able to help her team of villains take down the “hero’s”, she has to become a Renegade, what the ‘good guys’ call themselves. She is so against them, yet has to become one of them. Both Renegades and Anarchists see totally different perspectives on everything, so it is definitely a big change for her.

Snow White- A Book With An Eclectic Cast


Okay, this was tough for me to kind of find a book for this BUT I found one, and that book is Sheets by Brenna Thummler. This book follows a ghost living within this town of ghosts. Everyone in this town has come from previous lives and they have all died, yet all have come together to live in this ‘ghost world’. I really hope she makes like a prequel book or something diving into this world a lot more because it was just truly amazing to see this in graphic novel form.

Sleeping Beauty – A Book That Put You To Sleep

Hocus Pocus & The All New Sequel

I hate having to say this but… Hocus Pocus and The All-New Sequel by A.W. Jantha. It just wasn’t for me guys.. I’m sorry lol.

The Lion King – A Character Who Had A Traumatic Childhood


I would have to say Cath and Wren from Fangirl are definitely a match for this question. Their mother left them when they were little for reasons unknown really, had another family and then were left to deal with their crazy, highly unstable father.

Beauty and the Beast – An Intimidating Read

My Lovely Wife

Definitely a book that really intimidated the crap out of me. It scared me, frightened me… it was just overall really crazy… but awesome! My Lovely Wife, totally would recommend it for the people that love good thrillers.

Aladdin – A Character That Gets Their Wish Granted

Undead Girl Gang

Not this was necessarily a wish, more of a summoning of a dead loved one… but either way in Undead Girl Gang, it was still granted.

Mulan – A Character Who Pretends To Be Someone Their Not

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

For this I’m going to go with Evelyn Hugo, just based off of how much pretending she does in her marriages. She get’s married to all these people just to save face, but yet won’t be with the person she seriously loves.

Toy Story – Characters I Want To Come To Life

Image result for caraval fanart

*waves to everyone from Caraval*

Disney Descendants – Favorite Villains

Image result for evil queen fan art

Well, my favorite Villain is Maleficent, but if I have to pick a villain from a book, it would have the be the Queen from Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen by Serena Valentino. One of my favorite books all based on a re-telling of one of my favorite Disney stories.

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