Changes That May Be Coming To Walt Disney World

Hey everyone! Today we are going to be talking about some of the changes that may be coming to Walt Disney World this year. It’s been a weird year for Disney, and as Disney plans to re-open in the coming weeks, there will be a lot of changes made to how the parks function. Universal and Seaworld have been open for a little while now, and I feel like it was smart of Disney to watch how their re-opening worked. Let’s get into our discussion of some of the changes that may be coming to Walt Disney World.


Increase In Virtual Lines

Disney introduces virtual queueing at its newest attraction

Disney isn’t a total stranger to virtual lines, and actually… it really worked well for them when Rise of the Resistance opened up. I personally was able to use the app to join a ‘boarding group’ for the ride and it was pretty nice not having to stand in a technically 5 hour line. But will this work for all major rides in Disney World? I can think of a few rides that this could be a really good change for! Slinky Dog, Flight of Passage, Space Mountain and more. I would gladly accept the virtual line change if Disney does decide to go this route.

Wearing A Face Mask Throughout The Park

Disney Introduces Cloth Face Masks and Donations for Families and ...

This will probably be a given when visiting the Parks this summer, if not year. This is the main number one reason why going to Disney during this time is a no for me. I don’t feel comfortable wearing a mask in Walmart for over 30 minutes. It restricts my breathing and is just super uncomfortable, so I barely go to Walmart due to that reason. Imagine being in a park for hours having to wear it? Woof.

Limited Amount of People

I think one of the most obvious things Disney will do is probably cap the amount of people that can come into the parks to a very small amount. This will probably be a route Disney takes since there are a lot of people wanting to come back.

Sanitizing Stations

Disneyland is closing because of coronavirus but Walt Disney World ...

Imagine you’ll be seeing a lot of these around the parks if you visit…

Character Meet and Greets?

You Should Not Miss Meet And Greet Of These Characters When You Go ...

I honestly don’t know how this is going to work, but I doubt Disneyworld will send out cast members with masks on. I just don’t think meet and greets will be a thing.

Sit In Dining?

33 Best (and Worst!) Disney World Restaurants - Disney Trippers

I just don’t know how Disney is going to do the whole dining thing. It would have to be seriously cut down, and buffets? Like is Chef Mickey’s even going to be a thing?? Are reservations going to be extremely hard to come by?

Social Distancing Markers

Social Distancing, Disney Edition (OC) Day 1: The Lion King. Stay ...

I feel like this is a given. Disney 100% is going to have markers everywhere to show where people can stand. Cast members will probably stationed so that this can be truly inforced as well.

Epcot Renovation

Epcot 'Reimagining' Details Announced - Disney Tourist Blog

My biggest fear from this whole thing is that the Epcot renovation is going to be completely messed up. I really was excited to see how this would all look, but unfortunately… I think a lot of cuts are going to be made to Epcot. *inserts extreme sad face*


What are some changes that you think may come to Disney? Any you are interested on how they will be able to keep it in place? Also, do all these changes make you less interested in visiting Disney? Let me know!

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Disney Transportation Rated from Best to Worst

Hello everyone! It’s me here with another Disney related post. I have been loving writing these posts and sharing my love of Disney with all of you, so today I wanted to share some tips I have regarding Disney Transportation. Whether you’re brand new at traveling to Disney, or a every year visitor, I feel like we all have our preferred ways of transportation. Here is how I rank Disney’s transportation.

(1) Rental Car

Image result for disney rental car

I believe rental car’s are the BEST way you can get around Disney in my experience. Let’s go through the pro’s and con’s of getting a rental car


  • Don’t have to share with others – I love having my own rental car for the simple fact I don’t have to share it with a bunch of other random people. Like a bus.. on a bus obviously you have to share with others. In your own rental car, you don’t have that problem what so ever.
  • More space – Sometimes those monorails and buses can be jam packed and super uncomfortable. In your own rental car, you have enough space for yourself and the rest of your family.


  • They can be pricey – If you’re staying on Disney Property, a rental car can be a pretty big expense on top of your already pretty pricey vacation stay. If you’re trying to go to Disney on a budget, between paying for the rental car and the parking at each park, you can run up a pretty large bill.

(2) Skyliner

Image result for disney skyliner


  • Very quick – This is not one of those slow ski slope rides. The new Disney Skyliner is pretty quick and definitely great if you’re looking to get somewhere in a hurry seeing as it never stops unless for handicap boarding.
  • Beautiful scenery – There are some pretty great views you can get from these skyliners. Some views you wouldn’t be able to see unless you took the skyliner and the skyliner only.
  • FREE
  • Relaxing – When I went on these I really thought that it would be rocky and a tense ride, but it’s actually really smooth! It definitely relaxed me pretty well.


  • Doesn’t go to every park – It doesn’t reach Magic Kingdom or Animal Kingdom, and it doesn’t reach all of the hotels. Some hotels like the Contemporary, the Grand Floridian and the Polynesian, have better ways of transportation anyways.
  • Is it totally trustworthy? – I think so, but a lot of people don’t trust it yet since it’s so new.
  • Fear of heights – If you have a fear of heights this is definitely not for you.

(3) Uber/Lyft

Image result for disney uber

Also known as ‘Minnie Vans’.


  • Cheaper alternative to rental car
  • Drops you off right at the front entrance to the parks


  • You may have to wait about 5-10 mins for these.
  • You may get a horrible driver

(4) Monorail

Image result for disney monorail


  • Not many forms of transportation like it
  • FREE
  • Nice if you’re staying at: Polynesian, Grand Floridian and Contemporary resorts


  • Doesn’t reach all 4 parks
  • Smelly
  • Getting to be too old
  • Can take a long time to arrive
  • Very jam packed

(5) Disney Buses

Image result for disney bus


  • FREE
  • Available at every resort/park


  • Long wait times
  • Doesn’t fit too many people
  • Can be a rough ride
  • May take several stops until your destination is reached

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