2019 Reading Goals!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone had an amazing New Years. With every January 1st, comes our new year resolutions. I have separate resolutions from just books like simply just making my bed everyday, being more positive in life etc. But this year especially, I have a few more reading goals than I did last year. So let’s start the list!

1. Goodreads Reading Challenge

So in 2018 I was able to surpass my goal of 20 books read, reading 27 for the year (I started my goodreads in May so I’m definitely missing some books). This year I set my goal for 40! This is a little more of a challenge for me than last years challenge, but I think I can do it. Last year I set my goal so low because I was reading full, 400 page books, but towards the end of the year I got back into mangas/graphic novels, which I’m still on a bit of a kick to read them so that’s why I feel like I can definitely make 40 books work for the year.

2. Reading 50 pages per day/ 1 hour of audiobook

This is something different I’ve never done, but I’m excited to try. I found myself reading on some days a full 300 pages and then for a week after not reading at all, so I really wanted to make this resolution so I can learn to pace myself and not get burned out from reading. If I reach 50 pages or that hour mark, I can either stop or keep going if I’d like, but I can still feel accomplished if I at least read those 50 pages. In my reading journal I will be marking all the days I accomplish this on the monthly calendar view with a simple check mark.

3. Read the Harry Potter Series

Guys, I know. I’ve never read the Harry Potter series, but this year that will change. I don’t plan on accomplishing this right away, maybe towards summer/fall time, but it will get done this year!

4. Stay on top of Library book due dates

I just recently started using my local library to help read books because, my bank account from buying books was suffering! One issue I’ve always had though, was late fees. So I plan on getting better with this this upcoming year.

5. Reading Journal Upkeep

So this isn’t really a resolution, because I’ve been doing this since last year July, but I really want to include it because I don’t want to give up on it! Annotating in my books for me is a big no no, so I use a notebook/journal to keep track of all my notes from my reading. I love it! It’s so nice and organized and I really want to keep up with it!

What are some of your New Years resolutions? Any book related ones?